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drug rehab facility
Alcohol Drug Treatment provides residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Our addiction treatment programs have a 76% success rate.

Drug testing
Drug testing with the most accurate instant result drug testing products on the market. Digital Breathalyzer for immediate, accurate alcohol level. Perfect for employee drug testing or home drug testing.

Gambling Addiction Help
Offers 12 step recovery programs for a variety of addictions and substance abuse including gambling, drugs.

Hemet Valley Recovery Center
We are an acute care primary treatment center, JCAHO-approved, located in a beautiful Valley between Palm Springs and Riverside California.

Morningside Recovery
The next generation of treatment programs, with residential facilities located in coastal Newport Beach California.

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services
Behavioral health and addiction treatment services located in Southern Mississippi, both residential and outpatient treatment, for men, women and children. Professional Enhancement Programs and Gentle Path services are also available.

The William Gladden Foundation Library
A nonprofit organization website hosting a library of free publications about drugs and alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues.

Visions Adolescent Treatment Center
Adolescent drug addiction, alcoholism and dual-diagnosis treatment center facilities for boys and girls, ages 12-17 are located on beautiful acreage in Malibu California.

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